Experience Ride Team Building!

Why Team Building? Cohesion, conflict resolution, team interaction, problem solving, task completion, time constraints, working to deadlines, leadership, fellowship. We rely on all these abilities every working day of our lives. Yet how do we train for them? At Ride Leisure, we focus each activity on one or more of these skills and can design a session on specific requirements. Team building really works and any organisation will benefit from an engaged workforce who can work effectively as a team. A typical half day session will last 3-4 hours, and is made up of at least 4 activities. You can also combine a Team Building session with our Experiences or one of our Adventure packages to make a full day.

Team Building – from 8 to 80 people – Choose a selection of our Team building activities that suit your group.

For groups of over 80 and up to 300 people – Ride Leisure offer a huge array of activities to suit your requirements. These are bespoke built and can offer exclusive use of our site and facilities. Just give us a call

Food and drink can be incorporated into your package to make your day complete. Please see our Lakeside Kitchen and Bar for more options. Our purpose built activity centre contains full changing facilities with hot showers, meeting room, viewing conservatory, outside seating area and our own 120 seat Marquee.

Ride Leisure will plan the detail – every step of the way – organising your event that achieves the fundamental business objectives. Our staff are fully trained and highly motivated. All of the activities are designed around keeping guests as safe as possible without dampening the fun. All safety equipment needed for each activity is provided and qualified staff will provide safety briefings to all guests. Full risk assessments for all activities can be provided and we carry full 5million public liability insurance.


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Ride Leisure Team Building Games

Blind Field

  • You must plan and execute your plan exactly to complete this team task. In front of you is a tight maze of fragile obstacles. You must navigate your team through the course and safely get them to the other side. All team members are blindfolded with exception of the leader.
    The activity is designed to develop: Leadership, Followership, Integrity, Teamwork, Communication and trust.

Blindfold Tent

  • You are travelling through the desert as a group of adventurers. A sudden and un expected sand storm blows up and you are all blinded. Blindfolds on! The sand storm gets so bad that you must seek shelter, using teamwork and communication you must erect the tent whilst blindfolded and a team member must get inside and close the door.
    The activity is designed to develop: leadership,  communication skills. 

Rope Shapes

  • To complete this task, you must form shapes with the rope provided. Simple if the entire team wasn’t blindfolded. Circle, Square, Triangle, Straight line.
    The activity is designed to develop: Leadership, Problem solving, debating techniques, Teamwork, Decision making and Planning. 

Spiders Web

  • Your entire Team must make it through the spider’s web without touching the web and alerting the sider to your presence. If this happens you will be wrapped in its silky string. Each team member must use a different gap in the web.
    The activity is designed to develop:  leadership, communication skills, problem solving, teamwork. 

Slip’n’Slide Timebomb

  • Designed for up to 30 people – 2 Teams equally split each side. Each team starts with 3 receptacles, 1 filled with water at the start line. 1 empty at the finish line and a carrying container. The objective is to transfer as much water as possible from the full dustbin one end of the inflatable track to the empty hopper the other in the allocated time or until no more water is retrievable. When the time is up, the water level will be measured and the team with the most water wins.
    Expect to get wet and soapy, we won’t make this easy for you!

Land Maze

  • In front of you is a selection of Pads (land Mines!!!) some active and some not. Your task is to systematically decipher the route through the Land Maze and finally reach the other side. Form a queue at the start line and individually take turns to select your steps onto the mines. You may move forward, left and right. The instructor will alert you as to whether you are successful or not. If unsuccessful, team members then join the back of the queue and the next in line then tries. You may talk, discuss and advise your team mates in the line but once someone is in the maze there must be silence.
    The activity is designed to develop: leadership, communication skills and decision making abilities. 

Water Joust

Triad Water Joust

  • 2 Teams of up to 5 participants. 1 participant from each team starts from the home spot. The competitors then collect their pugil sticks from the start point and fight your way to the middle. Once the one individual reaches the middle they must get to the neutral base and retrieve a flag to return to their team…Choose whether to dump your weapon as your opponent may be waiting for you. If one falls into the water they must swim back to their teams starting position.
    The winning team will be the 1st to collect all of their flags.

Take What You Need

  • A perfect ice breaker! Team forms a circle surrounding the instructor.The instructor throws a roll of toilet roll to a team member and simply states take what you need the only advice they can offer is to “take what you need”. Once the whole team has “taken what they need” the instructor pulls off some squares and says “for every square of toilet paper in your hand you have to tell the group a fact about yourself”. The instructor then goes 1st then nominates the 1st team mate to reveal the facts about themselves and the sequence then continues in a clockwise motion.
    The activity is designed to develop: Relationships, Lower boundaries, Break the Ice, Communication, personal rapport.

Team Pen

  • Your team must work together to write words onto a sheet of paper together using a single pen attached to rope.
    The activity is designed to develop: Leadership, Followership, Interaction, Teamwork, Communication.

Tower Build

  • The Challenge is to build the tallest, most cost effective, free standing tower possible within the time allocated and using only the resources available.
    The activity is designed to develop: Leadership, Followership, Integrity, Teamwork, Communication, Planning

Egg Catapult

  • Using only the equipment provided, build a catapult of you design that will propel an egg as far as possible. Your design can’t be hand held, Only the equipment provided maybe used and the egg can’t break. You must catch any successful egg launch…broken eggs do not count!!!!
    The activity is designed to develop: Leadership, Problem solving, Debating Techniques, Teamwork, Decision making and Planning. 

Raft Build

  • With the equipment available you need to plan, design and build a raft to paddle to the buoy and back. A minimum of 4 team members must be on the raft and only the equipment provided may be used.
    The activity is designed to develop: Leadership, Communication skills, Problem solving, Teamwork, Decision making and Planning. 

Ski Sunday

  • Your team are stranded on a mountain site. Between you and safety is a notorious avalanche area which you must cross!!! Using the equipment provided you must negotiate the safe route across the area and reach the other side. You must pass over the 1st beam, wind your way around the cones and You must pass under the 2nd beam. No body parts are allowed to touch the ground, all of the obstacles in the way must be avoided and penalties points are awarded for any bumps and knocks.
    This activity is designed to develop: leadership, followership, communication, team work and planning.

Nuclear Waste

  • Your team is part of an elite Hazmat organisation which specialises in control and containment of dangerous substances. A dangerous unstable fluid has been found here at Ride. You must recover the nuclear waste from its current location and place it into the safe zone located 100 m from this site. The container is extremely unstable and any bumps, bangs or swift movements may cause a huge disaster. You must only use the equipment provided and you must not enter the contaminated zone. Anyone entering the contamination zone is removed from the task and must swiftly be martialled to the safe zone. Touching anyone or anything which has become contaminated will instantly contaminate you…….so be very careful. The waste must be transferred to the secure container then transported to the safe zone. Team members must wear gloves when handling the container. The transport team may only carry the container for a maximum of 10 seconds each due to risk of contamination.
    The activity is designed to develop: Leadership, Attention to detail, Problem solving, debating techniques, Integrity, Teamwork, Decision making and Planning. 

Helium Stick

  • Everyone must be in contact with the stick at all times, and the stick must be resting on the fingertips only.As a team simply lower the stick to the ground.
    The activity is designed to develop: Leadership, Followership, Integrity, Teamwork, Communication.

Lego Structures

  • The aim of this activity is to re-create the Lego structure hidden from view. 1 Team member must look at the structure and communicate the design and direct the team in building the structure or shape. Simple right?? You are not allowed to talk during this task and the leader is not allowed to touch the lego. You may change leaders but this then removes them from the game. This activity is designed to develop;
    Leadership, Integrity, Teamwork, Communication, Problem solving.


  • The shepherd needs to round up his sheep which have been scattered around the field. The only equipment the shepherd has is a whistle. Your sheep are blindfolded and must be guided into the pen avoiding all obstacles on route. The team must invent a system of communication to direct the sheep from there locations and return them to their pen.
    The activity is designed to develop: Communication skills, decision making abilities, collating ideas, debating and planning.


  • Using the equipment provided bridge the gaps between the stepping stones and safely guide the team to the other side picking up the water rations on the way. All team members must make the journey. Team members and equipment must not touch the ground at any time and the water must be retrieved.
    The activity is designed to develop: Leadership, Followership, Problem solving, Debating techniques, Integrity, Teamwork, Decision making and Planning. 

Inflatable Water Dodgeball

  • In our amazing Aqua Arena –  2 Teams of 5 players. Don’t get hit with the soggy wet ball

Inflatable Water Volleyball

  • In our amazing Aqua Arena – 5 players on a team, 2 on the front row and 2 on the back row and 1 sub. Volleyball rules with a slippery surface.

Inflatable Water Football

  • In our amazing Aqua Arena – 4 team members on each side, 1 rolling sub for both teams!!!! 1 referee. Like 5 a side only wetter and much more fun!

Paddleboard Capture the Flag

  • For this activity teams must obtain the opponents ball and bring it back to your base. Rules You are to use your SUP to get to the opponents net and steal their balls. Once you have possession you are allowed to pass the ball to your other team members. If you fall into the water you are to leave the ball where it is return to your board and then you may retrieve the ball. You may only play the ball whilst on the paddleboard.

Slip’n’Slide Relay

  • This is a good old fashioned relay race!!! Except covered in water and extremely slippery!! The objective is for 1 individual from each team to race to the other side of the track passing the baton to their team mate. The first team back to their original start position wins.
    Expect to get tired, wet and soapy!!!

Human Knot

  • A great “get to know you” activity. Take hold of each others hands, create the knot, then maneuver around the group and untie yourselves. Up close and personal fun.
    The activity is designed to develop: Teamwork, Communication.