Experience the thill of being a hovercraft pilot, the exhilaration of riding a Jet Ski, the adrenaline of zooming a Zego, the rush of wakeboarding/waterskiing or combine them all for a physically charged afternoon.

Situated at the stunning Wyboston Lakes Complex, near St Neots just off the A1, our purpose built facilities, lakes and off road course are in the perfect location to offer a variety of top class exhilarating experiences. High speed modern equipment, with expert instructors and training will give you the RIDE of your life....

Group multi activity days with Catering can also be provided.


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“We liked it so much we went back a few weeks later!”

Robert Hobbs, Buckinghamshire

“A big thank you to the Ride Leisure Team for a fantastic, Adrenaline fueled experience! Who knew hovercrafting could be so much fun!” Katy Adam-Smith, Hampshire

“It was a really great day, great location and everyone totally enjoyed it.” Dave Boys, Red Bull Technology, Milton Keynes