Solo Hovercraft Experience


Experience Ride Leisure at its best! Our unique hovercraft arena allows you to transition from land to water where you will learn to fly this amazing craft with our expert instructors.

Once you have mastered the controls and basics of hovercraft flight on land, you will then transition to our 33 acre lake and glide effortlessly at up to 40mph – sideways! Our unique venue is one of the only places in the UK where you fly your hovercraft to its full potential.

The pilot and instructor are linked with 2 way radio headsets ensuring you have the best flight experience.

Numbers on the day
This experience is for 1 person

Runs from February to December
7 days per week subject to availability

This Hovercraft experience will last for 30 minutes with 20 minutes of you at the controls

Minimum age 16 to fly solo
Maximium Weight 16 stone

SKU: Hov30.

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